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Provincial election: What businesses need to know from provincial parties' commitments?

United Conversative Party (UCP) led by Hon. Danielle Smith

The United Conservative Party is committed to growing and diversifying Alberta’s economy, creating jobs and moving the province forward.

Alberta’s economy has great momentum. In the first quarter of 2023, over 5,000 new businesses incorporated in Alberta. Next here...

New Democratic Party (NDP) led by Hon. Rachel Notley

Our proposals will create over 47,000 good-paying jobs and attract an estimated $20 Billion in private sector investment. Next here...

Alberta Party led by Barry Morishita

Fiscal and Economic Policy

All existing Alberta Party Fiscal and Economic policies, here.

Liberal Party led by John Reggeveen

The world is changing, and we must change with it.

Alberta must invest in sectors like technology, agriculture, tourism, the arts and renewable energy while recognizing Oil and Gas are still a part of Alberta’s economic future. Next here..

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