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Edmonton: Funding for new immigrant and refugee communities in the process of ...

The Emerging Immigrant and Refugee Communities (EIRC) Grant Program contributes to the City of Edmonton’s goal of being more welcoming, equitable and inclusive to all Edmontonians and to supporting grassroots immigrant and refugee communities who are in the process of settling and integrating. For newcomers, immigrants and refugees, the barriers to full inclusion in the community are often significant and tend to be complex, intersectional, and almost always systemic.

The objectives of this grant program are to:

  • Promote meaningful opportunities for ethnocultural immigrant/refugee community groups and organizations to develop and implement projects that address their community-identified needs and opportunities.

  • Actively engage community members, building upon existing cultural wealth.

  • Enhance social inclusion, foster connections and support communities.

  • Develop relationships with other communities through collaborations.

  • Increase participation in community and/or civic life (political, economic, social, and cultural) in Edmonton.

  • Create a positive community impact that may influence social and/or system change.

  • Identification of systemic gaps and barriers to participation.

  • Support the growth and development of community groups and organizations so that they are better able to respond to their communities' needs.

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